Customer Service Code of Ethics

To Our Customers:

The employees of JC Ultimate Property Management, Inc. will support our mission by delivering superior customer service through recruiting, training, developing, and assisting others in a caring, trustworthy and timely manner. All individuals will be provided the same concern, respect, and caring attitude within the organization that they are expected to provide to others.

We promise to provide value-added customer service through:

1. Polite and courteous service.
2. Handling requests in a timely manner with consistent follow through and communication.
3. Mastering knowledge of HOA’s laws, rules, policies, and concepts and on-going issues within the organization.
4. Proactive problem solving and guidance.
5. Offering confidentiality and an open door policy.
6. Facilitating positive change through employee relations programs, services and consultation.
7. Encouragement of a high level of employee morale through recognition and effective communication.
8. Promoting learning and personal growth to increase individual success and the overall value of the organization.
9. Operating with integrity and promoting accountability.
10. Providing a safe and healthy working environment.

It is our goal to deliver service with a teamwork philosophy that is inspired through effective organizational skills, proactive efforts, and maintaining a balance between professionalism and the ability to have fun!


Lori M. Rogers