Vision, Mission and Values

Our Vision
JC Ultimate Property Management’s vision is to inspire trust through demonstrated dedication to honesty, integrity and transparency. The name JC Ultimate should be associated with first class customer service and professionalism to our clients through commitment to positive change and innovation that defines quality and consistency of service that clients can automatically expect from J.C. Ultimate Property Management.

Our Mission
“To provide unequal customer service, competitive pricing and professional expertise in managing common interest developments.”

How do we accomplish our Mission and work towards our Vision?
This can be summed up with two words, investment and commitment.

  1. As a company we make an investment in our people. We encourage and support training and courses at all levels throughout our staff in an effort to keep them abreast of new developments in our industry.
  2. We invest in technology to enable us to be more efficient and to deliver more comprehensive information to our clients in a timely and cost effective manner.
  3. We invest in our clients with the provision of strata council specific support material, regular newsletters and timely seminars on important topics.
  4. We encourage feedback from our clients to help us to measure how we are doing and to ensure we are offering the services in a manner that best suits our clients’ needs.

Our Values

  1. Integrity above all else.
  2. Our fees and charges are disclosed clearly in our agency agreements.
  3. All maintenance charges from third party suppliers are charged to our clients at cost.
  4. Professionalism is paramount.
  5. We will always provide our clients with a professional approach to our services; we will offer our
    opinions as to what we think in order to help you make a decision.
  6. We will tell you what we think you need to know, not just what you want to hear.

Our commitments are to:

  1. Service our clients by creating and delivering a quality service which is unique and valuable.
  2. Continually strive for excellence in providing the highest standards of service as a leader in property management.
  3. Deliver the services you need.
  4. Look ahead to assess, evaluate and educate our clients on the impacts of potential opportunities or changes.
  5. We offer our clients a level of service, response time and open communication. Our clients can count on consistent communication, accurate financials and an unparalleled level of service.
  6. From executive management to overall maintenance, we will provide what you have been looking for in a property management company.

Our Client Care Policy

  1. Create a unique service to meet your needs and deliver service as efficiently and effectively as possible.
  2. Manage our client’s property in an efficient and cost-effective manner.
  3. Encourage client feedback on ways we can better meet their needs.
  4. Faithfully perform our contractual duties and obligations in a thorough, knowledgeable and professional manner.
  5. Clients are the reason we have a job, it is our job to listen, understand our clients and fulfill their needs.
  6. Our Clients are deserving of the most courteous treatment we can give them.